Summer Camp

Each Summer BCMS offers a wonderful summer camp program. This program is open to all currently enrolled children and school age children (6-10 years). Our facility has a splash pad, extensive playgrounds, a large gym, children’s kitchen, art room, and music room. Each summer we choose a theme and then focus on the theme throughout the summer.

2015 Summer -Our summer theme was “Little Mad Scientist”. The teachers demonstrated different science experiments throughout the summer. This will allow the children to explore all aspects of science and present science lab results.

2016 Summer – Our summer theme was “Around the World in 90 days”. The children began their summer journey in Texas and “traveled” all the different continents while discussing about the different places, flags, culture, etc.

2017 Summer – Our theme for this summer was “It makes sense!” The focus was on the 5 senses. The teachers presented lessons using the sensorial materials while integrating science experiments and cooking lessons.

2018 Summer -Our theme for this summer was “Under the Sea”. The children explored the sea by learning all about the zones of the ocean, coral reef, univalve/bivalve shells and some of the amazing sea animals. The teachers presented science experiments, cooking projects, and arts and craft projects all integrated in our sea life theme.

The goal for our summer program is to offer a more relaxed and fun program. Fun field trips are scheduled for our school age children. Children that are enrolled in our school age summer program have an option to pay weekly fees, as this is more feasible for parents planning summer trips throughout the summer. Children will have a wonderful time making arts and craft projects in our art room and cooking lessons in the children’s kitchen.

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