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My husband and I are very proud to be sending all of our three daughters to BCMS. Our oldest has been with the school for 4.5 years and is about to transition away to Kindergarten. We have been so pleased with the teachings of this school and have really seen our children blossom in the short time they have attended. Our oldest is more than prepared for Kindergarten now and we know she will continue her desire to learn and will adapt to her new environment. All of the teachers and staff at BCMS are very loving and attentive to the children and really take great pride in teaching the kids valuable home lessons as well as teaching them the knowledge that we feel they will need in order to succeed in their long school careers ahead of them. We are so happy to have found BCMS to be our kids’ home away from home.

Jennifer Hancock

We enrolled our daughter with BCMS with Infant A when she was 13 months and still learning to walk. Coming from a poor experience with a previous daycare, I was surprised and also reassured with the treatment my baby receives at this school.
As a working mother I feel relieved to know my daughter is exposed to a nurturing and caring environment, where she is learning and thriving. I am thankful beyond words to be part of this community!

Mariana Zompero

My two year old twins joined the Toddler 2 class 1.5 months ago. Ms Dianica has been fantastic about providing input when I pick them up. She makes me feel more comfortable and confident in my choice of school because she gives me visibility into their activities and moods during the day as well as strengths of each child and insight into their developing personalities. I really enjoy and appreciate the feedback since this is what I used to receive from their nanny before they joined the class and I was worried I would miss the personal connection and individual attention by sending them to a school with large class sizes. Bravo!!

Amy Pirzado

Our child has attended BCMS for about one year and we love it. It was a breath of fresh air from the moment we walked into the school. We quickly realized the difference between a daycare and an actual school. We have been very happy with all of the teachers and administration at BCMS. Communication is vital when it comes to childcare and BCMS does a great job of keeping us up to date with happenings of the school. We are very happy with our child’s education and would recommend the school to anyone seeking a calm and organized atmosphere for their child.

Amber Melero

Hi Ms. Angelica:

Monica and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how much we LOVE Ms. Farkhanda, Ms. Madhu and Ms. Yuen. Ms. Farkhanda has been the most loving, caring and patient teacher we have seen! Avi has developed a deep sense of attachment for her and her love for all the kids in her classroom is evident every single day. It is tough to handle hyper kids like Avi but she has always amazed us with her style of working with kids!

Arnav has flourished under Ms. Madhu’s supervision. He has grown a lot in academics and other interpersonal aspects. He has developed much needed skills as he gets ready to start Kindergarten in a month. Even though Ms. Yuen has just started, I can already see her experience working with kids. She is a wonderful teacher and I know Arnav has developed affection for both the teachers. We will surely miss them. It is very difficult to find a loving environment as the one Brushy Creek Montessori has provided for our kids. Thanks to all of you for that.

Kapil Rajurkar
Chief Imagination Officer

Brushy Creek Montessori has been a part of my family through 3 children and 7 years.  There is no other place I would send my children for Montessori education.  The teachers are loving, knowledgeable, patient, and foster an atmosphere of independence and focused learning.  My 3 children could not be more different in personalities…from the rule following, people pleasing first born, the independent and rambunctious middle child, and finally the sweet and lovey youngest, the experienced teachers and staff handled each child and situation with ease and grace, giving them exactly what they needed to thrive in a learning environment.  By the time my two oldest left BCMS they were reading and doing math well beyond their respective grade levels.  I am excited to see all that my youngest will learn this year.  If you are fortunate enough to get a spot, take it before someone else does.  You will be happy you did.  I highly recommend Ms. Sheila and Ms. Madhu’s Primary Classes.
Connie Collins

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