Extended Day

Extended Day offers a more relaxed environment that begins each day at 2:45. Children enjoy playing and socializing with other children while being given the opportunity each week to work on an art project in the art room, participate in a cooking project in the children’s kitchen, enjoy a music or spanish lesson with our music and spanish teacher, and participate in physical education classes in the gym, Assistant Teachers take on the leadership role during this time.

Art is encouraged to express their creativity, explore their imagination, and encourage self-expression. Each Toddler and Primary Classroom is given the opportunity to spend time in the Art Room working on art projects.

Spanish / *Chinese is provided weekly for children enrolled in our full time primary program. Children are taught Spanish and Chinese through nomenclature cards, music, and movement.

Cooking – We introduce nutrition through our curriculum. The children enrolled in our full time program are given the opportunity each week to utilize their kitchen following simple recipes.

PE – classes are provided once a week in our gym. We feel that young children’s future health and well-being are directly related to strengthening their large and small muscles, using their sensory experiences and practicing healthy behavior.

Music Classes – are provided once a week by our Music teacher. Classes are taught in our Music Room. Studies from top research institutions indicate that exposure to music and an understanding of music at an early age enhance learning in all spectra.

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