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Our Vision and Goals
I invite you to embark on a journey in which we work together to create a supportive and nurturing learning environment that will instill in children a respect for themselves, for others and for the balance of nature.
Our goal is not only to help our children reach their highest potential but also to develop a lifelong love of learning that will help them become well-rounded individuals with a deep respect for all cultures.

Our Campus
Brushy Creek Montessori is a beautiful campus located in North West Austin. Our school features several age appropriate playgrounds with gardens. Our school attracts a diverse student body representing many ethnic backgrounds, religions, and cultures. All of these diversities are enthusiastically celebrated. The curriculum is used to promote global understanding and peace.

Our Staff (Administration, Infant, Toddler, Primary)
We believe teachers are the backbone of our educational facility. We pride ourselves on hiring the very best teachers to ensure each child receives the highest quality care and education. To ensure the safest learning environment, all staff members are required to have current CPR/ First Aid Certification, and Pre-Service Training, as well as undergo FBI Criminal Background Checks. Brushy Creek Montessori School selects the highest quality educators to lead the children in their learning adventures. Our “Lead Teachers” have undergone intense training and course study to become “Montessori Certified”. These professionals have spent years learning how to provide individual lessons, structure the classroom environment for optimal learning, gained a true understanding of child development, and above all have a respect for children and families.

The Montessori Teacher is a guide rather than the center of attention. The teacher works with each child on an individual basis, monitoring his progress and presenting new lessons when he is ready for a new lesson. The materials presented are sequenced and often self-correcting so the child can learn without constant teacher intervention. The teachers follow three Montessori principles which are observation, individual liberty and prepared environment.

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Tours are given Monday-Thursday mornings starting at 9:30 AM for 30 minute increments. Please call 512-259-3333 to schedule a tour. Click Here

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